Therapy in the Garden

There are times when we all feel the need for emotional support beyond that which friends and family can supply. We may be experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, a sense of life just being out of sync or faced with difficult decisions and subject to conflicting advice. These are times when counselling can help.

Life events, like loss and bereavement, relationship difficulties happen to us all; even when surrounded by other people we can feel isolated by the intensity of our feelings, possibly ashamed that we feel unable to cope.

Children leaving home, looming retirement, health concerns, breaches of trust, workplace stress can affect us just as deeply as what we perceive to be major changes – the death of a loved one, fractured relationships, abuse.

For many of us our emotional well-being is overshadowed by events from the past, from childhood, which prevent us fully realising our potential. Our self-esteem is low; we struggle to be the person we would like to be or we are unsure of whom we really are; our sense of self is hazy.

Counselling is an opportunity to explore these issues in confidence; to be heard and to hear oneself in a non-judgemental, respectful, supportive environment where you work at a pace that is right for you.