Confidentiality is extremely important; with the following exceptions everything you share with me remains between the two of us.

  • I am legally obliged to pass on any information pertaining to acts of terrorism, serious criminal offences which are not or have not been subject to the due process of the law, including the requirements of the Road Traffic Act.
  • If you are contemplating imminent acts of serious harm to yourself or another person confidentiality will be breached.

This does not mean that talking about self-harm or mentioning suicidal thoughts will cause a breach of confidentiality. Any questions you have relating to confidentiality can be addressed during the assessment meeting. Similarly, at that time, we can agree whether or not you would wish to be acknowledged by me should we happen to meet outside of the counselling session.

Notes and Records

Other than the details taken at the time of the assessment, no identifiable information will be held about you. These forms will be stored in a secure cabinet. Provision is in place for their continued safe-keeping or destruction should I become incapacitated or die.

You have a right to see any written information about yourself.


As part of my professional development, to ensure ethical practice and in accordance with the BACP ethical framework, I am required to attend regular supervision. All client material presented during supervision is anonymous.